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At Healing Psychiatry of Florida, our compassionate and experienced psychiatrists believe that every individual should have access to empathetic and impactful mental health care. Our dedicated psychiatrists will be by your side as you work towards overcoming mental health challenges and life obstacles, and we are deeply committed to supporting your journey towards improved well-being and unlocking your full potential for personal growth.

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Our Mission

We value a tailored approach to mental health as we do not believe high-quality care is achieved with a one size fits all approach.  We listen to understand and assess you and your individual needs, then we create and present a tailored treatment plan.  

The goal is to support and empower you to improve and maintain the best mental health possible.  Whether you are experiencing a sudden life event or have struggled for years with mental health and addiction, we are here to support you in your mental health journey. 


Through holistic psychiatric assessment


Tailored treatment plans - medication management, psychotherapy, counseling, self-help resources


Ongoing monitoring and adjusting treatment plan as needed

Insurances Accepted

Genuine Appreciation

We have a genuine appreciation of the fact that it can be challenging and unnerving to seek help, especially when your mental health is not in the best state. However, you can feel safe, respected, and welcomed in our non-judgmental practice as we embrace you with a compassionate approach throughout your care. With a profound and thorough understanding of all the complexities around mental health evaluation and treatment, we approach our role as your psychiatrist with the utmost care, empathy, and professionalism.

Feature Services

With the help of evidence-based therapies with proven results, we embrace advanced strategies backed by research to support and guide you on your healing journey. Whether your treatment plan involves psychiatric services or addiction therapy, we genuinely believe that no two patients are the same and never fail to take the time to understand your personal needs and goals. We are fully committed to providing the highest standard of mental health treatment and care and offer comprehensive psychiatric evaluations to obtain a clear overview that will provide the groundwork as we create a tailored treatment plan for you.

Addiction Psychiatry

Addiction is intense, crippling, and all-consuming, often occupying an individual’s mind, time, and focus without relief. Over time, individuals suffering from addictions find themselves isolated from their loved ones, their careers, the activities they used to enjoy, and everything in their former life.

Psychiatric Services

At Healing Psychiatry of Florida, our team of compassionate and dedicated psychiatrists focuses on providing expert mental health care to our patients. You can trust that your confidentiality is highly valued and respected as you take positive steps towards improving your mental well-being.

Take your first Step

You no longer have to feel out of control and overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts or addictions. With the right professional help from our psychiatrists, you can reclaim control of your life and embark on a journey of rebuilding and renewal again. Take your first step towards a happier and healthier future, and give us a call today. Let our psychiatrists support you on your journey of personal growth, empowerment, and fulfillment. Together, we will unravel any obstacles and barriers and encourage healing while strengthening you to thrive emotionally and mentally.

Navigate the Journey to Inner Peace with Us

At Healing Psychiatry, our psychiatrists provide comprehensive mental health services to enhance your quality of life. Our mission is to assist you in taking charge of your life, achieving personal growth, and healing and renewing yourself.

Our team of experienced and certified psychiatrists is committed to helping you achieve better mental health. With years of experience in the field, they provide expert medication management, psychotherapy, and counseling tailored to your unique needs. We prioritize creating a non-judgmental and welcoming practice. Our goal is to make you feel safe and respected. We will keep all information about you
confidential. We’re here to assist you in living a happy life.

Bringing Hope to Mental Health

Our compassionate team includes skilled therapists and counselors who provide a wide range of therapeutic services to address the emotional and psychological aspects of mental health. We carefully monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal results.

Medication Management

Our expert psychiatrists offer personalized medication management to help you find
the right treatment plan for your unique needs. We believe in the power of medication to support your mental health journey.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a highly effective approach to addressing and managing a wide range of mental health issues. Our therapists are trained in CBT to provide you with the tools to navigate your challenges. Patients learn how to pay
attention to the quality of their thoughts and how to alter them positively.

Motivational Interviewing

We can inspire you and empower you to make positive changes in your life. By identifying your goals and motivating you toward them, we help you achieve them. Patients’ concerns are listened to by therapists, and ways to encourage change are found. This technique can help people who are depressed regain their focus. For better results, while providing therapy, we can combine motivation therapy with
cognitive behavioral therapy.

Your Path to Sobriety Begins Here

Are you searching for an addiction psychiatry clinic in Altamonte Springs? Addiction
engulfs an individual, isolating them from loved ones, careers, and cherished
pursuits. But with professional help and guidance, recovery is not only possible but
achievable. Our experienced addiction psychiatrists possess profound knowledge of
addiction, understanding its complexity and the journey to recovery.
A person’s addiction extends beyond substances like alcohol or drugs; it also involves
their behavior, including their intimate behavior. Professional guidance from an
experienced psychiatrist can help you to deal with the issues.
We focus on both physical and mental rehabilitation. Our counseling offers vital
support, equipping you with the tools and strategies to identify and avoid triggers,

reducing the risk of relapse. Our team members take the time to understand your
circumstances, providing treatment to help you.

Get Individual and Family Psychiatric Treatment

Our one-on-one psychiatric therapy sessions are tailored to provide a safe and supportive space where patients can explore the intricacies of their mental health challenges. Our experienced therapists work collaboratively with you to help unravel the underlying factors that may be impacting your well-being.

One-on-one psychiatric therapy allows patients to delve deep into their experiences, offering a platform to unearth the roots of their mental health challenges. Our skilled therapists help patients identify factors such as past trauma, ongoing stressors, or underlying conditions that may be contributing to their struggles.

You may be going through a divorce, a loss, a financial crisis, or depression. Family counseling provides a space for everyone to come together and break down the stigma often associated with mental health. By promoting open communication and empathy, we help families overcome misunderstandings and rebuild healthier, more supportive relationships.

Customized Treatment Strategies for Healing Without Breaking The Bank


Our experienced psychiatrists Altamonte Springs, craft individualized strategies that address the specific issues affecting each patient. Understanding the triggers and challenges help us develop effective and sustainable mental wellness plans. This approach allows patients to take control of their lives and work toward emotional and mental health challenges that affect not only the individual but also their loved ones.

Our mental health care Altamonte Springs services come at affordable prices. No extra fees are charged during or after the treatment. If you have any question or queries about our services.

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Our Testimonials

Malcolm Nichols
Malcolm Nichols
Thanks for being Amazing 🫶🏿🫶🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿😍🤩💋❤️🌹
Best experience at a therapist office. Everyone was kind, and listened to my concerns, and what I preferred for treatment. Highly recommend
Peter Nutting
Peter Nutting
Everyone here is super pleasant and friendly!
Guilherme da Silva Gonzaga
Guilherme da Silva Gonzaga
My first appointment with Dr. Anastasiya went great. She and her helper, I wish I could remember her name, were great listeners, would further explain questions if asked, passionate, and knowledge about what they were talking about. I definitely recommend Dr. Anastasiya.
Lucy Miller
Lucy Miller
I am so happy to be treated by Mrs Polopoli. She is highly experienced, she listened to all my problems and concerns and came up with the right care plan and I am so grateful.
Jane Ketcham
Jane Ketcham
Wonderful experience here. Felt like I was heard and actually trying to get to the root of the problem. Highly recommend!
Jennifer Brandau
Jennifer Brandau
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