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Many couples often find themselves in a cycle of miscommunication, feeling like they’re speaking different languages.

This leads to a cascade of misunderstandings, creating an emotional gap. You might feel isolated, unheard, and distant from the partner you once deeply connected with.

Our Couples Therapy in Altamonte Springs, FL is your pathway to bridging this gap. We focus on fostering mutual understanding, teaching effective communication skills, and nurturing the emotional bond that brought you together.

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Our Unique Couples Therapy Path

At our Healing Psychiatry Florida in Altamonte Springs, we embrace a holistic approach to relationship healing and growth through evidence based practices. Our methodology is grounded in the belief that effective communication, trust, and emotional connection are the cornerstones of a healthy and enduring relationship.

Enhancing Communication: We understand that clear and compassionate communication is key to resolving conflicts and deepening understanding. Our couples counseling sessions are designed to equip couples with the tools to express their thoughts and feelings constructively, fostering an environment of openness and empathy.

Rebuilding Trust: Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. Drawing on insights into the psychological aspects of interpersonal relationships, our approach addresses trust issues at their core. We work with couples to identify and heal past trauma and help with trauma recovery, establish accountability, and create a pathway to rebuild trust incrementally.

Enhancing Emotional Connections: We believe in nurturing the emotional bond that initially brings couples together. Inspired by attachment theory, we help couples understand their attachment styles and how these styles impact their relationship. Our sessions aim to strengthen emotional intimacy, helping couples to reconnect and rekindle the love and passion in their relationship.


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Malcolm Nichols
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Best experience at a therapist office. Everyone was kind, and listened to my concerns, and what I preferred for treatment. Highly recommend
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Peter Nutting
Everyone here is super pleasant and friendly!
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Guilherme da Silva Gonzaga
My first appointment with Dr. Anastasiya went great. She and her helper, I wish I could remember her name, were great listeners, would further explain questions if asked, passionate, and knowledge about what they were talking about. I definitely recommend Dr. Anastasiya.
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Lucy Miller
I am so happy to be treated by Mrs Polopoli. She is highly experienced, she listened to all my problems and concerns and came up with the right care plan and I am so grateful.
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Jane Ketcham
Wonderful experience here. Felt like I was heard and actually trying to get to the root of the problem. Highly recommend!
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Jennifer Brandau
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Meet Our Couples Therapy Altamonte Springs

In the community of Altamonte Springs, our couples therapy center stands as a sanctuary for nurturing and revitalizing relationships. Our licensed marriage family therapist and couples therapists combine professional expertise with a deep understanding of relationship dynamics, offering personalized support to help couples navigate through communication hurdles, trust issues, deepening emotional connections, and more. Committed to your journey, we create a safe space for every couple to feel heard, understood, and genuinely valued.

All Couples Fight, It’s How You Resolve It That Matters

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship and human being. However, it’s not the existence of disagreements that defines the health of a partnership, but rather how those disagreements are handled. In our therapy sessions, we focus on equipping you with the tools to navigate conflicts constructively.

This includes learning to express your feelings calmly, listening actively to your partner, and finding common ground or compromises. Our goal is to transform fights into opportunities for growth and deeper understanding.

All Couples Have Communication Issues, Don’t Let Them Divide You

Effective communication is the lifeline of a healthy relationship. Many couples experience periods where this vital connection breaks down, leading to misunderstandings and frustration. Our therapy addresses these communication barriers head-on.

We help you to understand your own and your partner’s communication styles, teach active listening skills, and guide you in expressing your needs and emotions clearly and respectfully. Rebuilding this communication bridge is the first step toward a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Intimacy Isn’t Just Physical, It’s Emotional Too

Intimacy is the core of a deep, fulfilling relationship. While physical closeness is a part of this, emotional intimacy is equally important. In our therapy sessions, we explore ways to enhance emotional connection, such as sharing thoughts and feelings openly, spending quality time together, and engaging in activities that bring joy and closeness.

We also address any physical intimacy concerns, recognizing that both aspects are important for well-rounded, satisfying, and meaningful relationships.

Our Couples Counseling & Therapy FAQs

What can we expect in our first couples therapy session?

In your first couples therapy session, we’ll create a comfortable and open environment to discuss your relationship’s history and the challenges you’re facing. It’s a time for you and your licensed therapist to set goals and expectations for future sessions.

How do you tailor therapy to fit the unique needs of each couple?

Each couple’s journey is unique. We customize our approach based on your specific relationship dynamics, communication styles, and the goals you wish to achieve through therapy.

How do you approach conflicts that arise during therapy?

Conflict in therapy is often a reflection of underlying issues. We approach conflicts with empathy and professionalism, using them as opportunities for growth and understanding in your relationship.

Can you help with specific issues like infidelity or financial disagreements?

Absolutely. Our therapists are experienced in addressing a range of issues, including infidelity, financial disagreements, and other complex challenges couples may face.

How long does each therapy session last?

Each session typically lasts about 50 to 60 minutes. However, the length can be adjusted based on the therapy plan and specific needs of the couple.

How frequently should we attend therapy sessions?

The frequency of sessions depends on your situation and therapy goals. Initially, weekly sessions are common, but we may adjust this as you progress.

What is the typical duration of couples therapy?

The duration varies significantly depending on the couple and their goals. Some see improvements in a few months, while others may require longer-term therapy.

How do we know if couples therapy is working for us?

Progress in therapy is often seen as improved communication, a better understanding of each other’s needs, and a positive change in relationship satisfaction relationship dynamics. Regular check-ins with your therapist will assess your progress.

What techniques do you use in your therapy sessions?

We use a variety of techniques, including communication exercises, conflict resolution strategies, and emotional bonding activities, tailored to each couple’s needs.

Can we attend therapy individually as well as together?

Yes, we offer individual therapy sessions as part of couples therapy. This can help each partner address personal issues contributing to relationship challenges.

Do you offer virtual or online therapy sessions?

Yes, we provide online therapy sessions for those who prefer or require remote options, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Our preference is to have you meet in the office the first meeting. After the first session, we can transition to telemedicine, or online couples therapy.

What should we do to prepare for our therapy sessions?

Coming to each session with an open mind and willingness to engage is extremely important. You may also be asked to reflect on certain topics or complete exercises between sessions.

Is there support available between sessions if needed?

Yes, we offer support between sessions for any urgent concerns or questions that may come up.

How do you handle confidentiality in couples therapy?

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our practice. We ensure that all discussions in therapy are kept private and secure, respecting each partner’s privacy.

What are the costs associated with couples therapy?

The cost of couples therapy and family counseling varies based on session frequency and length. We provide detailed pricing information during your initial consultation and strive to accommodate varying budgets.

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