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Welcome to Healing Psychiatry of Florida, our psychotherapy practice is dedicated to providing superior mental health services for individuals seeking therapy or psychiatry in Lake Mary, FL. Our team of licensed professionals are committed to supporting you on your journey to mental wellness.

At Healing Psychiatry of Florida, we understand that life’s challenges can significantly affect our mental and emotional well-being. While a peaceful walk along the Rinehart Lake Mary Trail might bring temporary respite, we are here for those moments when you require more support.

Whether you’re battling anxiety, depression, ADHD, relationship difficulties, or any other mental health issue, our psychiatrists and therapists are here to offer a safe and non-judgmental space for your healing journey.

Our Therapy & Psychiatry Services in Lake Mary, Florida

Anxiety Therapy

Kickstart your path to easing anxiety with our therapy sessions right here in Lake Mary. Our tailored approaches address the various dimensions of anxiety, helping you progress towards peace and self-mastery. With dedicated therapists at your side, you’re set to navigate this path with confidence and support.

Depression Therapy

Brighten your life with the supportive touch of our Depression Therapy. We combine cutting-edge science with personalized attention to help you find life’s joy again. Embark on a courageous journey towards a hopeful and balanced tomorrow with our Depression Therapy in Lake Mary.

ADHD Therapy

Discover your full potential with our ADHD Therapy in Lake Mary. Our experienced specialists use effective techniques to help enhance focus and organizational skills for individuals with ADHD. We’re here to support you in turning your lively energy into a productive and well-ordered lifestyle.

Teen Therapy

Start navigating the teenage years with our Teen Therapy in Lake Mary. We address the specific challenges teens face today in a supportive and non-judgmental setting. It’s a space where teens can build their self-identity, overcome emotional challenges, and grow in confidence.

Family Therapy

Explore the cornerstone of unity through our Family Therapy services in Lake Mary, Florida. We’re committed to assisting Lake Mary families in overcoming life’s challenges, fostering deeper connections, and strengthening familial bonds. Let’s cultivate a family life abundant with harmony and shared strength.

OCD Therapy

Address OCD with compassion and expertise in Lake Mary. Our OCD Therapy program in the tranquil community of Lake Mary offers steadfast support, guiding you to break free from compulsive behavior and regain control of your daily life with tranquility.

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