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ADHD makes managing time a nightmare – deadlines missed, projects pile up, and you feel constantly behind.

This overwhelm leads to stress, frustration, and even impacts your self-esteem.

Our ADHD therapy in Casselberry, Florida teaches practical time management skills, tailored to how your brain works, bringing order to your life.

A cheerful dad and child share a tender moment, echoing the warmth found in Casselberry's ADHD treatment approach.

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Our Support for Your ADHD Treatment Journey

Here at Healing Psychiatry of Florida, we understand that ADHD treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. We customize our approach, focusing on your unique experiences, to build a foundation of proven strategies. Our goal is to uncover the way ADHD impacts you specifically and empower you with lasting tools for success and a more focused life.

Developing Self-Understanding: The core of our ADHD therapy lies in building mindfulness and self-awareness. We’ll help you recognize patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, and the way ADHD presents challenges. This understanding paves the way for managing impulsivity, improving organization, and harnessing your focus.

Building Practical Skills:Β  We’ll equip you with a personalized toolkit of strategies. Learn to manage time effectively, combat procrastination, boost focus, and handle the emotional side of ADHD. Our approach includes techniques designed to anchor you in the present and quiet the scattered thoughts that come with ADHD.

A Supportive and Empowering Space:Β  We create a compassionate, non-judgmental space where you can explore the impact of ADHD on your life. We’ll celebrate your strengths, work on challenges, and tailor every step of your therapy to meet your individual needs.

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Malcolm Nichols
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Lucy Miller
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Jane Ketcham
Wonderful experience here. Felt like I was heard and actually trying to get to the root of the problem. Highly recommend!
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Meet Our Casselberry ADHD Therapy Specialists

We understand the unique challenges that ADHD brings. Our experienced, licensed therapists specialize in ADHD treatment, combining proven strategies with genuine empathy for your journey.Β  Whether you’re battling disorganization, impulsivity, or scattered thoughts, we provide personalized support to help you gain control and build skills for success.Β  Our focus is on creating a safe, empowering space where you feel understood, heard, and prepared to reach your full potential.

A parent wearily ponders amidst home chaos, a scene familiar to Casselberry's ADHD therapy specialists.

ADHD Can Overwhelm and Shutdown: Find Your Calm

ADHD overwhelm can hit like a freight train – racing thoughts, a feeling of paralysis, and a desperate need to escape.Β  You have the power to regain control and find a path through it. Our approach helps you understand your unique overwhelm triggers and the signs it’s building. We’ll work on strategies to calm your nervous system, break down big tasks, and quiet the mental chaos.Β  By mastering these skills, you’ll transform moments of overwhelm into opportunities for focused action and resilience.

When Emotions Run Hot: Managing ADHD Outbursts

ADHD can make emotions feel intense and overwhelming, sometimes leading to outbursts of anger, frustration, or sadness. These outbursts can strain relationships and lead to feelings of shame and regret. Our therapy helps you identify emotional triggers, develop healthy coping mechanisms for strong emotions, and improve communication skills to navigate difficult situations more effectively. We’ll explore mindfulness techniques to recognize rising emotions early, as well as strategies to calm your body and mind in the moment.

A child soars in their parent's arms against a vibrant sunset, embodying the hope offered by ADHD psychiatrists in Casselberry.
A boy wrestles with his studies, a challenge tackled by ADHD specialists in Casselberry.

Spark Motivation, Conquer Procrastination

ADHD can make it incredibly difficult to get started on tasks, even ones you want to do. This leads to procrastination, missed deadlines, overwhelming piles of unfinished work, and a lot of frustration. Our approach will focus on understanding the root of your procrastination patterns, breaking down tasks into smaller, less daunting steps, and creating systems of rewards and accountability to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. We’ll also explore whether there are any underlying factors (like perfectionism or fear of failure) contributing to the procrastination cycle.

FAQs for Our ADHD Treatment & Therapy

What is ADHD therapy, and how does it differ from regular talk therapy?

ADHD therapy utilizes a combination of traditional talk therapy approaches with strategies specifically designed to address the unique challenges of ADHD. This includes understanding how ADHD impacts your brain, developing skills for focus, organization, and emotional regulation, and working on practical solutions for everyday life.

How do I know if I have ADHD and need therapy?

A formal diagnosis by a qualified mental health professional is the best way to determine if you have ADHD. If you struggle with chronic inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or related challenges affecting your work, school, or relationships, it may be worthwhile to seek a professional evaluation.

What will happen in my first ADHD therapy session?

Your first session will focus on getting to know you, your specific challenges with ADHD, and your goals for therapy. Your therapist may ask about your history, current symptoms, and how ADHD impacts different areas of your life.

How long does ADHD therapy usually take?

The duration of ADHD therapy varies depending on your individual needs and goals. Some people see significant improvement within a few months, while others may continue therapy for longer-term support and skill-building.

Will I need ADHD medication in addition to therapy?

Medication can be a helpful tool for managing ADHD symptoms, but it’s not always necessary. Your therapist will work with you to determine if a combination of therapy and medication is the right approach, or if therapy alone is sufficient.

Can ADHD therapy help me with time management?

Absolutely! Time management is a major challenge for many with ADHD. Therapy can equip you with strategies to prioritize tasks, break down projects, use planners effectively, and manage distractions.

I struggle with procrastination, can ADHD therapy help?

Yes! Your therapist will help you understand why you procrastinate, whether it’s due to overwhelm, perfectionism, or other factors. You’ll develop strategies to get started, stay motivated, and overcome procrastination patterns.

How can therapy help with the emotional side of ADHD?

ADHD can lead to intense emotions, impulsivity, and sometimes low self-esteem. Therapy provides a safe space to explore these emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and cultivate greater self-compassion.

Does ADHD therapy involve my family or partner?

In some cases, involving family or partners can be beneficial. Your therapist can educate them about ADHD, improve communication, and create strategies for supporting you at home.

Will therapy help me at work/school?

Yes! ADHD therapy aims to improve focus, organization, and emotional regulation – skills that are crucial for both work and academic success. Your therapist can help you advocate for accommodations and develop strategies tailored to your specific work or school environment.

Can ADHD be completely cured?

ADHD is a lifelong condition, but therapy can significantly improve your ability to manage symptoms and thrive. Think of it as building a toolkit to successfully navigate the challenges of ADHD.

Are there different types of therapy for ADHD?

Yes! The most common types include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapies, and skill-building approaches. Your therapist will select techniques best suited to your needs.

Can online or virtual therapy be effective for ADHD?

Online therapy can be a convenient and effective option, especially for those with busy schedules or limited access to in-person services.

Is ADHD therapy covered by insurance?

Coverage depends on your specific insurance plan. Contact your provider to inquire about mental health benefits and coverage for ADHD therapy.

What if I've tried ADHD therapy before and it didn't help?

It’s understandable to feel discouraged if past therapy experiences haven’t been successful. It’s important to find a therapist who specializes in ADHD and uses evidence-based approaches tailored to your unique needs. Be open with your new therapist about your past experiences so they can adjust their approach accordingly. Remember, therapy isn’t a one and done aproach, but usually takes many sessions to get the the root of things.

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