Beating opiate addiction can be pretty challenging. Resisting the temptations and cravings, dealing with the withdrawal symptoms and getting used to getting by without the “high” you have been accustomed to can be overwhelming for anyone. People need every bit of help they can get to ensure they don’t indulge in opioid use again. And this is where the benefits of using Suboxone for the purpose come in handy.(1)

Suboxone detox treatment has shown highly promising results in treating opiate withdrawal. The drug was approved in 2002 by FDA and since then has helped countless people beat their introduction and get a new lease on life. (2) If you want to protect your loved one from the disastrous consequences of opioid use, it’s time to learn more about the benefits of using Suboxone. You will realize why so many people consider it to be a reliable option now.

Benefits Of Using Suboxone: Everything You Should Know

Let’s first start by talking about what Suboxone exactly is and how it can help overcome the addiction to opioid use. It’s basically a combination of two drugs, naloxone and buprenorphine. Naloxone works as an antagonist of opioids by binding with opioid receptor sites. (3) Hence, it interferes with opioid attachment to the receptors, preventing harmful effects caused by opioid drugs.

Buprenorphine is said to be the primary ingredient of Suboxone. (4) It performs its function by working as a partial agonist-antagonist that prevents withdrawal symptoms when opioids are discontinued.

But there are so many treatment options used currently to deal with opiate addiction. Why do psychiatrists and professionals still consider Suboxone to be the gold standard? Well, for one thing, its success rate speaks for itself. (5)

Additionally, Suboxone has been shown to alleviate pain associated with opiate withdrawal to a great extent. It’s also pretty effective in suppressing cravings for the drug. Hence, patients find it easier to get back to their routine life without experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms when they are on Suboxone treatment. Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of Suboxone treatment that make it the preferred choice of treatment.

  • It alleviates withdrawal symptoms
  • It reduces cravings, ensuring patients don’t have to deal with temptations
  • It’s effective in reducing illicit drug use
  • It blocks the effects of opiates
  • It makes it easier for patients to remain committed to treatment programs
  • There’s a lower risk of abuse with Suboxone treatment as naloxone reverses opioid overdose and ensures that patients do not experience the full opioid effect.
  • The treatment offers discretion to patients. It’s not necessary to be hospitalized, and the treatment is highly accessible. If you want Suboxone treatment as an outpatient, your psychiatric office can do that.
  • It’s relatively more affordable than other opiate addiction treatment options.

Make The Most Of The Benefits Of Suboxone Treatment!

Suboxone detox treatment, when used alongside counseling and other measures, has shown an incredible success rate. Hence, it continues to remain the first choice of treatment even after so much time. The best thing about this treatment is that it enables the patients to maintain their routine activities while simultaneously detoxing from opioid use. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

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Most people are wary of using Suboxone for opiate addiction due to many misconceptions. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of Suboxone treatment.